Equity and the Law of Trusts: Centuries in the Making from author Steven Gallagher

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As one of the most challenging topics a law student will confront, the literature about Equity and the Law of Trusts is often dense and complex. “Equity and the Law of Trusts: Centuries in the Making” is a new book taking a fresh approach to tackling these concepts in an engaging and easily understandable way.

To the law student it is an invaluable introduction to the study of equity and the law of trusts and their importance in the modern legal system. However, unlike the text’s predecessors, the author catalogues the development of equity in the Court of Chancery in unique depth, providing a comprehensive understanding of why the law came to be so that is unrivalled in the existing literature. Though designed as an introductory and intermediary level text for students studying the required courses for a qualifying law degree in the UK, the book also provides a wealth of reading material for continued research at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Steven Gallagher,
LL.B., LL.M., Barrister,

is a Professional Consultant currently teaching in the Faculty of Law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His diverse experience teaching in both the UK and Hong Kong, instructing undergraduate and postgraduate law students alongside non-law students taking on legal concepts as part of business law and accountancy courses, allows him to take a fresh approach to tackling the subject of equity and the law of trusts.
Steven currently teaches equity and trusts alongside land, company and insolvency law and his research interests encompass topics ranging from cultural heritage to international corporation liquidation, restitution and equity. His previous publications include Fundamentals of Business Law (Singapore: Pearson South Asia Ltd, 2011) and The Law of Equity & Trusts in Hong Kong (Hong Kong: Blue Dragon Asia Ltd, 2010).


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